Policies and Procedures

List of Policy Statements

As a registered childminder and to adhere to the regulations to meet the requirements of the EYFS and childcare register requirements, I have a list of policy statements to share with prospective parents, families and available on my website.

These policies lay some ground rules and help parents understand my procedures and practices concerning childcare. Parents or those with parental consent are required to read, and sign this in agreement to the full policy statements prior to commencing childcare.

During your registration visit you will be asked to Fully complete the Registration Form, this forms a contractual agreement also details all necessary information required about the child and parents, including contact details, dietary requirements, and medical requirements.

Full policies and procedures can be located in the relevant section on my website or click on the statement for the link. All documents are kept in a folder in the home setting if you have any concerns, suggestions or feedback please let me know, as this supports my reflections and practice.

Please see the statement summary of the policies below:

Child protection: As the designated person taking the lead responsibility for safeguarding children in my home, I have completed up to date level 3 child protection training, to be aware of the signs of and different types of abuse, and the procedures of reporting them in the event of a concern or a direct disclosure of children in my care.

These concerns will be shared with parents and/or carers unless, sharing these concerns puts the child at risk of significant or further harm.

If after speaking to parents and/or carers I still have concerns I will contact and seek advice and report the matter to the Local (MASH) Triage & Duty Referral Team,

Day 01708 433222, Out of Hours and weekends 01708 433999

Address; London Borough of Havering, Mercury Gardens, 4th Floor, North Wing, Romford RM1 3DW,

And work in accordance with the London Safeguarding Children procedures; all referrals must be made within 1 working day.

In an Emergency I will dial 999.

If I had to make a referral I would follow the instructions and be guided by the MASH team to ensure the secure storage of records, referrals or concerns as well as the secure transfer of records.

The LADO manages cases where allegations are made against adults who work with children and young people.

If an allegation is made against the myself of any member of my family living in my home or working directly with the children, I will: Contact Havering Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) on 01708 431653 Email: Lado@havering.gov.uk within one working day, in order to gain support or professional advice.

The safety and welfare of children or child protection is everybody's business.​​​​

You could be a neighbour, friend, parent, relative, child-minder, teacher, doctor or working for any organisation which has contact with children and young people.

In an emergency please dial 999​.

Otherwise you can contact the Child Protection Team:

Monday to Friday (9am to 5pm) - 01708 433222 Out of hours/weekends - 01708 433999​.

Working in Partnership with Parents I aim to work in partnership with parents to meet the needs of the children. All children and adults are treated with equal concern and are made to feel welcome in my home.

parents have access to a copy of my policies and procedures, which detail how I run my setting.Terms and conditions and registration form must be understood before the placement starts which details the expectations of the care to be provided, activities, session and fees agreements. The contract is signed by the parent and myself and dated.

I aim where possible to meet parents' requests for the care of their children according to their values and practices, preferences and attitudes. I expect parents to inform me of any changes in the child's home circumstances.

Smoking Policy I am a non-smoker and operate a no smoking policy in my home and vehicle

late Collection; If a child is not collected within 15 minutes, I will try calling the parents' contact numbers. Contact all of the emergency contact numbers. During this time, I will continue to safely look after the child. A late fee will be charged accordingly.

Illness or infection I follow the guidance on infection control in school and childcare settings, to help stop the spread of infection, I follow good hygiene methods. In the event of your child becoming unwell during the session I will contact parents and keep them comforted and reassured until collected.

I cannot accept a child into my care if they have experienced diarrhoea and or vomiting within 48 hours. Please ensure that you follow the latest guidance with regards to COVID 19

Accident/Injury-Incident It is my policy to keep children safe when they are in my care. My premises have been checked and they meet the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage. I also regularly review, update and practice my safety routines, including fire drills. As a registered childminder, I am legally required to have a valid First-Aid certificate (updated every 3 years). I can administer basic first-aid treatment, and my first-aid box is kept up to date and easily accessible.

I require permission from parents on the Child Registration Form to seek emergency treatment for their child if it is needed.

Administering Medicine I will ensure that I implement an effective procedure to meet the individual needs of a child when administering medicines. Keep written records of all medicines administered to children in my care. Inform parents when a medicine has been administered including the time and dosage.

All medicines will be stored and kept strictly in accordance with the product instructions and in the original container in which it was dispensed. I will obtain prior written permission from parents for each and every medicine to be administered before any medication is given.

Food and Drink Policy It is my policy that when children are provided with snacks and drinks, in my setting these must be healthy, balanced and nutritious.

Parents are to provide lunch/main meal and breast milk/formula if required.

I follow the safer food better business for the management of food safety. I will obtain record and act on information from parents about a child's dietary requirements. Fresh drinking water will be available at all times.

Behaviour Policy All children and adults are treated with equal concern and are made to feel welcome in my home. I aim to offer a quality childcare service for parents and children. I recognise the need to set out reasonable and appropriate limits to help manage the behaviour of children in my care.

By providing a happy, safe environment, the children in my care will be encouraged to develop social skills to help them be accepted and welcome in society as they grow up.

I believe that positive behaviour strategies and being a positive role module is a more effective way of setting boundaries and expectations for children. I will not, use or threaten corporal or any punishment.

Confidentiality Policy All information on children, families and anyone working with me (if applicable) is kept securely and treated in confidence. Information will only be shared if the parent/carers give their permission, unless there is a direct child protection concern. All details will be kept confidential and records are kept secure. I am registered with the ICO and completed GDPR data protection training.

Complaints Policy As a registered childminder I aim to work in close partnership with all parents, to meet the needs of their children. If there is any aspect of my service you are not happy with please bring it to my attention and I will make every effort to resolve the issue through civilised and open discussion.

You can put the complaint forward formally in writing or by email.

It is a condition of my registration to investigate all written complaints relating to the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage and I will notify the complainant of the outcome within 20 days of the receipt of the complaint.

You can contact Ofsted about your concerns by telephoning 0300 123 1231 or in writing at; Ofsted Piccadilly Gate, Store Street Manchester, M1 2WD.

Safety My home and garden is safe and secure, with a RING doorbell and sensor activated to any visitors to my home. Children will only be released to those who are authorised to collect (as per registration form) I carry out checks to risk assess and ensure that the environment, equipment and resources used are suitable for the children in my care. Providing areas for active play, both in the indoor and outdoor environment, most of the activities take place outdoors or in the hive play space, children will be encouraged to get messy and will need suitable outdoor clothing/shoes for all weathers and change of clothes/shoes for indoors. There are provisions for rest and sleep times children may bring own bedding and comfort.

Outings Policy; It is my responsibility to keep children safe on outings whilst my care. I obtain written parental permission for children to take part in outings. I will take essential equipment on outings, for example, changing items, food and drinks, contact telephone numbers for the parents of children on the outing, first aid kit, and a mobile phone.

I carry out a full risk assessment of any outings and I have reviewed the safety measures for regular trips such as local shops and school drop off and collections to Scargill Infants School.

Children with Special educational needs or disabilities; As the sole person responsible for the children in my care I will support children and families if a need is identified through observations and assessments, as per my Equal opportunities policy and procedures to meet the individual need of children, if you child already has an identified need and a Support plan in place I will work with the specialist support and services available, seeking advice from the Havering Family Service Hub – Local Offer.